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Questions asked about our cleaning service


For the benefit of you our clients we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our cleaning services and methods by people who seek our services. Here is a full list of the frequently asked questions and our answers to them:

Q: What is the normal drying time after the carpets have been cleaned?

A:  Typical average drying time is usually about 3 hours depending on air circulation. Try to limit foot traffic on your freshly cleaned carpets and it is recommended that pets and children stay off of the carpet until it is completely dry. You may use fans to try and aid the air circulation for quicker a drying process.

Q: How long will the carpet cleaning service take?

A: A standard room usually takes approximately 20 minutes depending on how dirty and soiled the carpet is.

Q: How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

A: Carpets should be cleaned as frequently as is possible depending on the traffic that usually uses it. The frequency should increase especially in homes occupied by people who are prone to allergies.

Q: Do you have evening and weekend appointments available?

A: Evening appointments? Yes.

  • For residential customers, we strive to clean your carpets and furniture during the daylight hours. Over the years, we’ve found that most residential customers don’t have adequate lighting to light the carpeted areas and furniture. Thus creating shadows and providing less than expected results but if that is what you want we can provide you at your convenient time.
  • For commercial customers, sometimes evening hours are the only hours available to provide our services. We are flexible and adaptable to any schedule and we will work with you to implement a schedule based on your needs.

A: Weekend appointments? Yes.


Q: What Method of Carpet Cleaning do you use?

A: We use hot water extraction popularly known as the deep steam cleaning. High pressure light water and chemical mixed sprays are forced into the carpet and sucked out by our machines in the process coming out with all the dust and dirt that would have accumulated in your carpets. This method is highly recommended by the world’s biggest carpet manufacturers as it has been proven to be the most effective in ridding your carpets of all the dirt leaving them refreshed- the reason why we use it.

 Q: Are the chemicals that you use safe for my children and pets?

A: It is our company policy to ensure the safety of our clients, their dependents and pets that is why we always use non- toxic cleaning chemicals. To add to that, the whole world is going green and we have made it our policy to ensure all our methods and cleaning agents are all Eco friendly.

Q: Why hire a professional cleaner when l can do it on my own?

A: A lot of people always ask such a question, it is the recommendation of most carpet manufacturers that your carpets be cleaned by people who have the technical know how in cleaning carpets to ensure they are left sparkling clean for your health and to ensure their shelf life is prolonged. Most home cleaning methods are not sufficient to rid your carpets of all the dirt and you risk damaging them.